This site is dedicated to showcasing and championing courageous thinkers and teachers — and at the same time saying “shame, shame, shame” to those who would insinuate that these people are dangerous.
After the election of he-who-will-become 45, haters throughout the USA have been emboldened to pick on people they don’t like. This can be scary and awful for everyone. One group of haters started a website to call out and list professors who were supposedly radical and hence un-American.
Those of us who decided to start this site  have taken—and sometimes taught—courses in logic. We know bad logic when we see it, such as this: radical = bad = dangerous. But they won’t tell you what they mean by “radical.” They trade in innuendo.
So, we professors would ask students who use such bad logic, “what do you mean by radical?” Wasn’t Socrates in his time, or Thomas Payne in his, or Gandhi (or MLK…) radical in his? Yes, indeed they were. And a good thing at that. The word “radical” means “at the root,” so to be a radical intellectual is to be one who gets to the root of problems. High time for more of that!
But we didn’t see Socrates or Gandhi or MLK or the US Founding Fathers on that list, so we thought we would try to make a much better list.  And as some might warn parents, don’t let your children grow up to be cowboys, we say, parents, make sure your kids take some classes from radical teachers. That might help open their minds and change the world.